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USB PD Power Rules

Shenzhen MIQI Electronic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 03, 2018

USB PD Power Rules

    The USB PD:USB Power Delivery power transmission protocol, the new standard of USB power next year is called USBPD, and the USB PD protocol is based on USB3.1, which is the concept of power transmission proposed in USB3.1, the type-C port. It can bring greater flexibility to the technology and expand the charging capacity to 10 times: up to 100 watts. Simon Daniel is the founder of Moixa, a technology company. He is charging for laptop computers in the office of London with the prototype product of enhanced USB socket. The low voltage LED lamp in the office also used the same line. The same is true for computer monitors, printers and desktops. Only the power users like microwave oven and hot water pot use traditional power.

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